Neck Lift Surgery

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About Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift tightens loose neck muscles and removes sagging skin (commonly known as a "turkey waddle") to produce a firmer, more youthful looking neck with better contour and definition. Fat is suctioned or excised, muscles may be tightened and skin may be removed. Mr Mutimer performs neck lift surgery in Brighton, Melbourne.

After the age of 40 the face and neck may begin to show the effects of ageing, sun exposure and gravity with deep creases, folds and loose skin. A neck lift will not stop the ageing process however can be effective in restoring a more youthful appearance to the neck and lower face areas.

A neck lift can be performed alone or as part of a face lift, for a balanced result. Neck lift surgery is performed as an inpatient procedure under general anaesthesia. There is nominal discomfort with this type of surgery and recovery from a neck lift is generally rapid - with minimal swelling, and bruising disappearing within two weeks.

Your Consultation

Initial consultation: Meet Mr Mutimer for a 30 min consultation where you will discuss your neck lift procedure in detail, the technique to be used and expected recovery time. Photos will be taken. Following this you will meet with our Patient Advisor who will take you through costs and discuss potential dates for your surgery.

Pre-operative appointment: 2 weeks prior to your neck lift procedure you will meet Dr Mutimer again for a final consultation. You will also meet with the Patient Advisor and Practice Nurse to finalise all administration, and discuss pre and post-operative care instructions. Payment for your surgery is also finalised.

Neck Lift Cost

  • Initial Consultation - $300
  • Procedure - $22,000 (Surgeons fee, hospital fees , anaesthetist fees & up to 6 weeks after care appointments with practice nurse)

Please note that procedure costs provided are indicative only – intended to give patients a realistic estimate of associated costs. Actual costs may vary depending on individual patient circumstances.