Medical Imaging - Seeing is Believing

Before you buy a new outfit for a special occasion you try it on, just to ensure that it fits and makes you look your best. For the very same reason you need to know what you will look like following cosmetic surgery.  This helps to ensure your expectations are appropriate and realistic and that you achieve a great result.

Computer imaging is an essential part of the assessment process for clients looking to undergo nose or breast surgery at Brighton Plastic Surgery.  Our state-of-the-art digital technology allows you to work together with Mr Mutimer towards your highly individualised new image. 

Benefits of Computer Imaging

The benefits of imaging are many, the most important being that it leads to close communication and greater understanding between a patient and their plastic surgeon. Although many people can describe what is worrying them, when you see your nose or breasts being altered in front of you, it is much easier to see the benefits.  You can see that the “new look” is achievable.

Computer imaging will ensure you have the opportunity to talk through your personal concerns and expectations.  These discussions are educational and initially exploratory - exploring the outcomes open to you and the best options. You are left with fewer questions and a better idea of what you can expect.

When asked about computer imaging Mr Mutimer states “Computer imaging provides confidence in your decision for seeking a better you. I find my patients are more relaxed about their decision and, in turn, this promotes quicker healing.”

What Computer Imaging Does Brighton Plastic Surgery Use?

We use Axis Imaging. This technology has been selected as it conforms to our clinic’s philosophy and dedication to a high level of patient education and participation.

Axis will show you your “new look”. Using Axis you will sit with Mr Mutimer and vary the details of your face or body so you can see for yourself what can realistically be achieved, all from the comfort of your chair. Axis imaging allows accurate measurement in three dimensions so that the changes seen on the computer may be reliably reproduced. You confirm your understanding and appreciation of the enhancement.  In this way, you are left with fewer questions and the correct idea of what you can expect.

When using computer imaging as part of your surgery preparation, be mindful that your surgeon is the ONLY PERSON who can realistically show you what you can expect as your surgeon understands the response of the tissues and what will achieve your desired result.

To find out more about Axis computer imaging or to book a consultation, call us on 03 9592 0522 or enquire through the website.