Laser Resurfacing

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About Laser Resurfacing

Facial wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and certain types of scars can be improved by a variety of laser resurfacing techniques. Ageing, sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle factors including nutrition, alcohol consumption and smoking, all contribute to facial wrinkling. Changes in pigmentation such as blotchiness or brown spots also occur with age, as a result of taking birth control pills, pregnancy or genetic factors. Skin conditions like acne may have made the surface of your skin uneven. These problems, as well as certain other skin conditions may be improved by laser skin resurfacing.

Patients may have laser resurfacing at almost any age. Certain characteristics can make you a better candidate for one technique over another. Laser skin resurfacing treatments can be performed to varying depths. A superficial treatment requires less healing time, but may require the procedure to be repeated in order to achieve the same results as a deeper treatment. Mr Mutimer will advise which technique he feels is best for you at your initial consultation.

Your Consultation

Initial consultation: Your initial consultation with Dr Mutimer will last approx. 15 min. Mr Mutimer will discuss your procedure in detail, the technique to be used and expected recovery time. Photos will be taken. Following this you will meet with our Patient Advisor who will take you through costs and discuss a potential date for your procedure.

Pre-operative appointment: 2 weeks prior to your procedure you will meet Mr Mutimer again for a final consult. You will also meet with the Patient Advisor and Practice Nurse to finalise all administration, and discuss pre and post-operative care instructions. Payment for your procedure is also finalised at this time.

Laser Resurfacing Cost

  • Initial Consultation - $185
  • Procedure - $5,000 - $8,000 (Surgeons fee, hospital fees , anaesthetist fees & up to 6 weeks after care appointments with practice nurse)

Please note that procedure costs provided are indicative only – intended to give patients a realistic estimate of associated costs. Actual costs may vary depending on individual patient circumstances.